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We not only clean chimneys and fireplaces, we have a tree service company felling and limbing trees, called Black Mountain Tree Company. We offer full defensible space services. With our climbing skills, we provide metal roof maintenance, and have a variety of 


Billy is one of the former Lead Sawyers from the Black Mountain Hot Shot crew.   

Post that, Haupert was the lead wild land trying guy  as well as lead chain saw safety guy  with the North Tahoe Fire Protection District  in Tahoe City.  

He has 20 years experience as a Sawyer.

"Tree Guy" Haupert  has been climbing and removing hazard trees, dangerous limbs and doing general tree work for the past twenty years.

We are the

Black Mountain Tree Company.

Having many years experience in firefighting, on a hot shot crew and working or the fire service, we can help you identify potential hazards before they become a danger. Inspection of in-home, roof, yard, and surrounding areas

will ensure that you and your home are up to safety standards and prevent dangerous and expensive damage that may come down the line. 

It is important to maintain upkeep of your home and surroundings, especially after the dry years we've been experiencing.

The heavy snow loads we experience in the Tahoe area can wreak havoc on your metal roofs. The freeze/thaw action and the movement of snow as it slides down the roof, will loosen roof screws, causing them to pop up out of your roof, thereby leaving notes where water can seep into which will cause damage to your roof. We have rope and climbing skills and can safely move around your entire roof, replacing and tightening screws.

We have experience in a wide range of handyman services from installing wood floors, tile work, painting, and much more. 

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